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2005 XML Austin Meetings

June 2005

Stu Baurmann from LogicU

"Look Ma- No Imperative Code!"

  • RDFGateway - Fast, easy to use, commercial RDF database/portal/inference server, free for personal use (MS-windows only, unfortunately)
  • OpenLaszlo - Open source java framework for XML-based flash publishing, connects values together with declarative constraints.

May 2005

Don Day from IBM and Eric Silberstein, founder and CTO of Idiom, Inc.

"DITA Double Feature"

March 2005

Stu Baurmann from LogicU

spacer"Semantic Technology: Focus on Protege"

February 2005

Bob Matthews from Design Science

"Math ML"

2004 XML Austin Presentations

December 2004: Norman Richards, "Using Docbook"

November 2004: Don Day, "An Introduction to Darwin Typing Architecture"

October 2004: Stu Baurmann on Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), "we've Got to Draw the Line Somewhere"

September 2004: Derly Tijerina, "Digital Bag"

July 2004: Eitan Suez and Stu Baurmann; Double Feature: Introduction to JiBX + XML-Signature Basics

June 2004: Dan Pattyn,"The Norwegian ePROBE (electronic PRocess in an Open Business Environment) Project"

May 2004: Daniel Hudsky, "Network Event Management with XML"

April 2004: Kirstan Vandersluis, founder and CTO of XAwareInc., " Resolving Information Chaos"

March 2004: Ivelin Ivanov, " XQuery"

February 2004: Michael Miller, Vice-President of Antenna House, Inc. " XSL-FO"

January 2004: Dan Pattyn, "Visually Enabling Context: Creating Collaboration Models using Visual Scripting and the Oasis Business Centered Methodology (BCM) " An explanation of Role Interaction Networks (RINs) as a Visual Formalism for defining business process collaborations.

2003 XML Austin Meeting Presentations

November 2003: Ray Ellis, "W3 Ontology Models: RDF, RDFS, and OWL"

October 2003: Norman Richards, "Really Simple Syndication (RSS)"

September 2003: Rosimildo da Silva, "XQX - The Universal WebServices-Database Adapter"

August 2003: Jeff Gaer "RuleML / Mandarax", and Norman Richards "Using JSTL with XML"

June 2003: Steve Shepard of Sarvega, "XML Hardware Appliances"

May 2003: Eitan Suez, "Castor XML-to-Java binding"

April 2003: Oliver Schmelzle, "RESTful Web Services"

March 2003: Eitan Suez, "GUI Development With XUL"

February 2003: Ivelin Ivanov, "Building Web Applications with Cocoon"

January 2003: Stuart Baurmann, "Introduction to the XMLTester"

2002 XML Austin Meeting Presentations

November 2002: Michael Yuan, "Secure XML in Web Services"

October 2002: Paul Leury, "Celebrate/XML"

September 2002: Norman Richards, "Intro to Jabber"

August 2002: Joint meeting with TRUG: "ebXML, WebServices, and RosettaNet: Harmony or cacophony?"

June 2002: Carl Hoffman / Stu Baurmann: "Native XML Databases: Comparison of Tamino and Xindice"

May 2002: Dan Pattyn - "XML Messaging Alternatives"

One (of several!) things Dan mentioned was the open-source ebXML messaging imp lementation from Sybase.

Apr 2002: John Wood - "Speaking VoiceXML"

March 2002: Peter Graf, Dan Pattyn, Norman Richards - "E-Business Roundtable "

February 2002: Unni (from Inferdata!) - "Why XML Schemas? (how else?)"

2001 XML Austin Meeting Presentations

December 2001:

Stu Baurmann

"Schematron (Scheming in Style)"

Presentation and Examples

November 2001:

Ray Ellis

"Interoperability of Apache SOAP with Microsoft SOAP"

Here's a lovely photo!

October 2001:

Organizational Meeting

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